New to Chromebooks?

New to Chromebooks?

Chromebook Consulting

Getting Started

Explore Chromebooks

Want to learn about Chromebooks and whether they’re right for you?

We offer Chromebook Classroom information sessions for K-12 schools and districts to learn more about Chromebooks for Education. Spend some time using one or all of our class set of Chromebooks, learn about the benefits that Chromebooks provide to schools, and how others are using them.

Do your due diligence before making an investment...we can help you get your questions answered!

Your Chromebook Plan

Whether it is for 30 Chromebooks or 20,000+, we will assist you in designing and implementing your Chromebooks deployment. From selecting which Chromebook is right for your needs, to your options for insurance, device cases, and carts, we are here to help. We also assist with Chromebook enrollment, student distribution, and in preparing your community members for the initiative, including planning for related professional development and training.

Managing your Chromebooks

Discover the power of Chromebooks with the Chrome OS Administrative Management training.

We will guide you through the process of configuring settings related to policy, security, apps, and organizations structures in the management console of your Chromebooks so you can start using them right away!