Chromebook Short Courses
Making the Most of Your Investment
Chrome Chameleon
Assure that all users are prepared to benefit from your Chromebook investment. Master the unique functions, apps, and extensions that are available with Chromebooks and the Chrome browser, while learning to remain flexible and comfortable enough to change with the web and what Chrome offers. Become a Chrome Chameleon! 

This course can be tailored to suit administrators, teachers, and/or students.

Google Apps Integration
Fully integrate your Google Apps domain with focused professional development.
 Available learnshop opportunities include Super Admin Management, Google in Education Teaching and Learning integration, Google App by App Instruction, and learnshop for Parents/Community.
Curriculum Integration
Once familiar with a device or new technology, teachers often ask, “How do we make this work for our classrooms?” Find out how! We offer custom-designed courses for any particular content area or style of teaching. Teachers can learn how to integrate technology in ultra-focused sessions shaped by their identified priorities.